On the web a series of measures have been adopted whose objective is to improve accessibility. The advantages that this entails are, among others:

  1. Facilitate access for people regardless of their physical condition or their environment.

  2. Allowing access with different user agents.

  3. Include clear and well-structured content.

  4. Improve navigation and user experience.

Among the measures adopted:

  1. Logical order of presentation of the elements on the screen and of the contents in the code.

  2. Use of the W3C standards.


Design and layout

The design and layout of the portal has been developed taking into account the Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content (WCAG 1.0) that directly affect this part of the development:

  1. Separation of content and presentation through style sheets.

  2. Use of relative units (they allow redimensión of text and fluid designs).

  3. Contrast control of colors.



To facilitate navigation, all the documents of the site maintain a similar structure in which the same elements are included.