Respiratory fit testing


The dust presence related to diverse processes, both in the mining field and in other industries, as well as the silica content of certain raw materials handled, sometimes increases the risk of developing silicosis and other diseases related to exposure to respirable crystalline silica.


As a general principle, prevention of occupational risks must take collective protective measures before individual protection. However, when measures applied on dust spots or on dust dispersed in the air does not get to eliminate the risk, it is possible to avoid that the contaminant reaches the respiratory system of the worker with the use of respiratory protective equipment. (RPE).


RPE selection not only must take into acount the risk to be avoided, but also considers the individual characteristics, checking it by means of an adjustment test. The operating principle of  RPE, such as self-filtering masks and half masks, amongst others,  is based on the proper sealing between the user's face and the equipment, so this must be guaranteed.


The National Institute for Silicosis has enough technical and human resources, as well as extensive experience in conducting training in the proper use of RPE, by performing a quantitative adjustment test.